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The foundation of our company is providing high quality Information technology (IT) services to Northern New Brunswick Customers. We employ dedicated and trained service professionals who are equipped to address any of your IT needs.

Using our experience we have developed an extensive list of technology solutions required for the smooth and efficient operation of your computers and make your business run better.

Printer Repair Specialist

At MicroAge Bathurst we understand the importance of printing in your organization.

We employ specialists dedicated to printer repair and maintenance with manufacturer certifications such as Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, and Okidata.

Proper care and maintenance can double the life of your printer, and reduce your cost of printing and repair.

Please call Donald to discuss your printer problem, or schedule an assessment and estimate.

Backup Solutions

Our experience has taught us that the vast majority of computers do not have a reliable backup of their information in the case of a disaster. The integrity of your data is critical to the success of your business.

We at MicroAge can verify if your backups are working properly and that all the pertinent information is safe and secure.

Backup solutions range from a simple memory key to complex multi tape library.

Please call us for a complete review of your current backup procedures. We will recommend any changes that should be implemented.

Firewall Security

If you’re using high speed internet and you are without Firewall Protection, intruders and hackers can have full access to all your information. Any financial, banking, personal, or confidential information can be vandalized, manipulated and corrupted by these intruders.

It is essential to protect yourself from unauthorized users gaining access to your system. At MicroAge Bathurst, we can develop a firewall security strategy designed to defend you from threats to your network and data.

Internet Security

As the use of the internet increases so has the vulnerability of your information being compromised and put at risk. Proper protection from these threats is essential to prevent serious damage to computer systems.

At MicroAge Bathurst, we can provide you with the appropriate level of protection from Anti Virus to Firewalls to Spyware.


90% of all viruses that infect computers arrive in harmless looking e-mails. While some viruses have little impact, others can do irreparable damage to your data and operating system.

MicroAge Bathurst can provide single user copies of the latest antivirus software for your computer to a corporate version with pricing for multiple users.

The best way to avoid your computer system being infected is to have regular ongoing preventative maintenance. Please call to find out to see what options fit your requirements.

Spyware is a catchy name for malicious software that hides in your computer and sends information about you, your PC, or your web surfing habits to someone else on the internet. Spyware takes many forms. It can be a program that starts over whenever you start your computer, Web “Bugs” that invisibly track your clicks, or even codes that take over Internet Explorer and steers it someplace you didn’t want to go.

If you’re PC is running slow, taking you to places on the world wide web you don’t want to go, and allowing multiple “pop-ups” to appear, MicroAge Bathurst can remove the spyware and give you the tools and advice to protect and immunize your PC’s from future infections.

Network Design and Configuration

At MicroAge Bathurst we are specialists in the design and installation of the most cost effective networks specifically configured to your requirements.

Employing the latest technology, we can assist you in recommending the most useful solution for your network efficiency. Call today for your free evaluation and assessment.

Server Specialist

Servers provide increased security, a central storage area for all your data, offers more reliable and easier back up of critical data, and increases flexibility of your IT management.

MicroAge Bathurst is the most experienced IT Company in Northern New Brunswick authorized to sell, maintain and provide ongoing quality service for your server. Whether you have an existing server, or wonder if a server can improve your performance and efficiency, MicroAge Bathurst can assist you.

Weekly/Monthly on Site Preventative Maintenance

It is a proven fact that regular preventative maintenance through regular pre-scheduled visits reduces computer problems, increases efficiency and reduces overall cost of ownership of your computer equipment.

Regular scheduled maintenance of your computer systems prevent unwanted downtime, eliminates frustration and increases our ability to optimize your system performance.

Wireless Networks

Installed properly by a qualified technician, wireless networks can offer affordable options, flexibility of movement, ease of connectivity, and the elimination of expensive wiring of your office environment.

Call MicroAge Bathurst to see if this option suits your needs.

Great service is the key to our success.
Welcome to We are a locally owned franchise of Canada’s largest computer resellers, delivering quality IT Service solutions to Northern New Brunswick.

We take pride in our professional, personalized high quality attention to customer service and are supported by an extensive network of quality suppliers and IT partners. We continually develop and expand our product knowledge to be on the forefront of new technologies to better meet our
customer’s requirements.

Our high standards require our technicians to obtain the industry standard of A+ certification.

This site will give you an overview of MicroAge Bathurst. We encourage you to browse through, and please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.
We're your trusted business technology partner. We're MicroAge Bathurst.
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